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A Web3 solution to multiply the exploitation and profitability of derivative rights

  • secure the transfer of copyrights

  • print on demand editions and products

  • certify the count and authenticity

  • automate right holders' revenue sharing

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FRESQ is a decentralized community-centered model:

  • Creating new revenue opportunities for creators, right holders, and collectors through merchandising

  • Bridging the gap between physical and digital to create multiple certified materialization of a creation, for brands and publishers


FRESQ valorizes the works of creators of universes that influence the culture of our century.

As of today, licensing and distribution rights of a creation are not part of NFTs.

We have implemented a new standard of smart contracts that embeds commercial rights and secures all underlying copyrights.

Lovers community has an easy access to a multitude of ways to enjoy materialized versions of their creations.


While merchandising can be deployed for blockbusters, exploiting a large catalog is complex and risky.

FRESQ is a complete framework of solutions designed to meet the diversification needs of producers:

  • Obtain the consent of the creators to market editions or derivative products

  • Make the terms of the rights assignment intangible and automatically execute revenue sharing

  • Print on-demand to limit the production risk

  • Certify the rarity and thus the value of the editions


Communities, not established institutions, critics or experts, set the value of a creation.
Every collector has the ability to evangelize trough their social sphere.

FRESQ is a complete framework of solutions designed to turn a collection into a revenue stream.
Collectors become stakeholders in the commercial success of their artworks.


Fresq is Web3 technology to enable brand collaborations with creators, securing the copyright transfer and the revenue sharing:

  • to create original and impactful campaigns with an amplification on social networks

  • to produce a capsule collection to boost communication and sales

  • to certify each product of the capsule collection on the blockchain

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